Meet the Team

Michael O’Malley:

With a passion for truth and a desire to glorify God in all things, Michael has committed himself to making disciples. He has seen the ineffectiveness and laziness of the Body, and rather than criticize, has endeavored to jump in the trenches nationwide.

Michael had a tumultuos childhood (only bits were self inflicted) and through the storms he clung tightly to his identity in Christ and stood firmly on the Rock despite the roaring waves. He graduated from Charis Bible College in 2002 and shortly after enlisted in the military as a Korean Linguist.  After nearly four years, he was commissioned as an Officer through the Federal Officer Candidate School.   He served over eight years in the miltary in the Intelligence field. After speaking with his wife, they agreed he should resign his commision to follow a greater one.

Now Michael utilizes all  the training he received and implements it into an intensely passionate and highly focused discipleship program designed to get Christians to abide in Christ, and from that strong position, impact their world. His goal is to bear lasting fruit for the kingdom.

Michael is married to his beautiful wife Nicole. Together they have four wonderful children.

Michael Saxbury

Michael Saxbury

It is the passion of my heart that people not only see the real true gospel of Jesus Christ active in my life, but for them to learn to experience it greater than I have in their lives and for others within their sphere of influence. If I can learn to understand and experience the will, love, power, and presence of God to the capacity I have, then everyone can. I intend to dedicate the rest of my life making sure the opportunity is presented to everyone.

I grew up in the church, but never understood why God seemed to be so seemingly “inactive” in so many Christian’s lives as they desperately needed Him. I was not content with OUR experience being due to His sovereign will. I could not conclude that His children should be so unattended to, by such a loving, gracious, merciful, and all powerful God. As I have learned how God works and why, I have seen countless miracles and healings and countless broken hearts freed because I was not afraid to work out my own salvation in fear and trembling. As a result, I must fulfill the first and foremost calling of EVERY Christian, to Make Disciples – ones who are disciplined in the ways of God.

Michael is married to his wonderful wife Amy. Together they have 2 beautiful children.


7 responses to “Meet the Team”

  1. DOUGLAS KATO says :

    Thanks for this Website for the designers and all those who make it posssible that we access the Information. My concern is about not accessing the Pictures. Hope you help us over this

  2. SSEWANYANA D.K says :

    Pleased with such an amazing stuff !!!

  3. Michael Sieg says :

    Good Day Brother(s), I appreciate the willingness and efforts to this blog, its a blessing to read and encouraging!! Works great with my Iraq schedule, I even told my wife about it so we could be doing the same devotions even though we are apart… I do like the videos too, funny but right on!! I have already talked about them to my co-workers 🙂
    God’s Best
    Mike S

  4. altonwoods says :

    Michael, I would like to know more about the abide project! I’ve been reading what you’ve written and it makes sense to me. I’m ready…

    • msaxbury says :

      Hi Jeff,
      Sorry for the delayed answer, had a lot of prayer requests in town that I had to fulfill and a business trip. I will talk with Michael O’malley and see what it would take to get you facilitated into a project iteration. As you can imagine, it is a progressive type of project where a person goes through various progressive iterations of teachings etc. I will get back to you in the next couple weeks. Thanks for the interest and patience as we are currently working some kinks in scheduling.
      Blessings, The Abide Project.

    • Michael O'Malley says :

      Alton, the abide project will be kicking off a tentative 90 day initiative, and you are welcome to join in. We’ll start with the day one devotion tomorrow and continue from there. If you will send me an email address, I’ll link you to the forums so you can stay in touch with others who are going through the project.

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