Does Christianity look like Christ?

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck….by these standards, we would think that Christianity incriminates itself as something other than individuals who model themselves to be like Jesus the Christ from Nazareth. Any clear mirror placed in front of the face of modern Christianity reflects an organized, incorporated business, rather than a heart movement meant to overwhelm others with the transforming Love of Christ.

At the Abide Project, we’ve seen the reflection, and rather than put make-up on to cover up the blemishes, or walk away from the what the Word has mirrored back to us, we’ve decided to be a part of a solution.

Everywhere you go you can hear it, the voice of people desire more out of their Christian walk. They are tired of cycles of depression and joy, hope and despair, faith and doubt, sin – guilt – repentance. They want what they see in the Word.

Solid. Steadfast. Strong. Men of conviction who implement courage and change. Women of value that deliver peace and healing.

By the grace of God, The Abide Project endeavors to train up Christians in the way they should go, so that they won’t depart from it. Participating in The Abide Project demands utter commitment to a plan of action. Anything less fails. We don’t take applications because Only commitments bear fruit.

The Abide Project isn’t for everyone. Some Christians are content to be weekend warriors, Sunday superstars. We don’t have time for them. The majority of people will probably recognize a need for what we offer and dismiss it for the same reason they dismissed their last 10 new year’s resolutions. It’s too tough. I’m too busy. I’m too tired.

But there are those who see deeper. Who desire more. Who don’t want to just add something to their already mundane experience thinking it will change. Who want to be, well, Christ-like. And these are the ones who can be trained to Abide in Christ, to bear fruit in season and out of season.

See, the only qualifications needed for this program are: 1. A desire to glorify God with your life. 2. The ability to commit for 90 days. That’s all. We can’t expect more than what Christ expected when He called you. But we can expect what He expects. Not perfection. Just persistence to Abide in Him.

If you are interested in learning what the commitment looks life over 90 days, send an email to   projectabide at gmail dot com.


2 responses to “About”

  1. Ruben says :

    Hello, Below I entered my website for my blog, it’s in spanish. Many of the articles here belong to many different ministries like, Andrew Wommack, Curry Blake material, Revival or Riots, Charisma Minsitries and many more, but I’ve translated them into spanish, all WITH PERMISSION and I put a link to their websites. I would like permission to translate your article on Jesus’s healing.
    Thanks in advance. If it’s not possible, it’s ok, no problem! Stay blessed and keep ’em coming.

    • msaxbury says :

      Hi Ruben, Please do translate any of the posts you see on theabideproject blog for our Spanish brothers, muchas gracias mi hermano in Christo!

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