Jesus was raised because of YOUR justification!

Do you know how special you were made in God’s eyes? As if these encouragement posts haven’t been enough to tell you….are seeing that the word is never ending regarding your place before God? Check this out:

Who was delivered up because of our transgressions and was raised because of our justification.

Romans 4:25

Did you catch it? Why is it that we always like to focus on the negative parts of verses? Don’t we all have it engrained in our hearts and minds that our lawless deeds and transgressions nailed Christ to the cross and secured forever His death? GUESS WHAT! it doesn’t end there! The whole Book is full of positive, hope inspiring, love filled, freeing passages if we will just keep reading the rest of the verse. Look what it says…..

Jesus was raised from the dead BECAUSE OF our justification! God the Father required a satisfactory offering to put us in right standing with Him. Jesus was that sacrifice. IF Jesus’ sacrifice was not good enough to settle ALL of God’s wrath and judgement against us, then God could not raise Jesus from the dead WITHOUT making us pay the portion that Jesus’ sacrifice couldn’t cover. Why do most Christians live as though we are helping Jesus pay for some of our transgressions?

I want to encourage you today to believe that Jesus completely paid for your transgressions, FULLY justifying you before God the Father, and BECAUSE of your full justification, God was able to raise Jesus from the dead and seat Him in heavenly places at His right hand, and raise you with HIM!(Ephesians 2:6) Notice how we have nothing to do with this and never will? It was God’s free gift to us that believe! Thank you Jesus I will forever praise your name for such a complete sacrifice.

May you walk in the FULL justification that Jesus provided and God approved through the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ today!


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