Your need, or His Riches?

What do you see, your need or His rich supply? Do you see how unworthy you have become in your need or do you see His riches and ability to supply?

But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

We read this verse and know it, but pause again and read it very slowly. We usually tend to come away from this verse with the idea that God supplies our need according to our need. Most of that is because we are focused on OUR need and not what God’s desire of supply really is for us.

I want to encourage you today to believe that it actually brings joy to God’s heart when you place a demand on Him and let Him be God. When you expect to draw on and from Him and His fullness, from His riches of glory and All things that are His, from His overabundance, you actually honor Him. I want to encourage you today to come expectantly before Him recognizing His riches rather than your need, lack, or position. Come before Him boldly, courageous, and with much zeal expecting that He longs for you to take from Him and His fullness in EVERY area of your life.

Do you see that it requires you to come to Him expecting to get? You let Him be the rich supplier of your needs when you come to Him with the fully assured expectation of taking from His goodness and supply.

May you learn to Honor Him by expecting His goodness, fullness, and rich supply today!


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