Amazing red letters of Jesus

Look at these amazing Red Letters of Jesus:

Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree (harmonize together, make a symphony together) about whatever [anything and everything] they may ask, it WILL come to pass and be done for them by My Father in heaven.

Matthew 18:19

It is not just about ANY thing and EVERY thing you ASK coming to pass and being done for you, which is so worthy of thanks in and of itself. God desires relationship and fellowship and that is why it is about agreement and harmonizing together about what God has already done FOR us. His divine power has already given us ALL things essential to life and godliness. (2 Peter 1:3) He loves to be God to us and make sure we are fully supplied for our every desire as we draw upon His riches and glory and right being, all of which Christ gave to us.

I want to encourage you today by letting you know that I am in agreement with you that every blessing and favor and the richness of God already given to you becomes reality in every part of your life! Come into agreement with the Holy Spirit in us and with me and lets watch God’s lavish love spring forth abundantly.

Thanks be to God all of our days!


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