Day 3 The True Vine

John 15:1 I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.

Have you been made a part of the true vine? Or have you been made a
 branch of a branch? Over the course of nearly two thousand years
 Christianity has transformed from being the way to being an
 organization, and we have succeeded more in bringing in members than 
we have in developing disciples of Jesus.

We have been well
 intentioned by bringing in people to our denominations, yet by making
 branches of branches we have failed to become like Christ. Instead we 
have succeeded in becoming like each other and the doctrines held by 
man, rather than those imparted by the Word.

  When we are a branch of a branch, we become subject to the limits of
 the branch. You will never be bigger, cleaner, more effective, more
 fruit bearing, or more sweet, than the branch to which you are 

But when we are attached to the True vine, rather than to a
 branch of the vine, we will become more accurately representative of
 the vine’s nature and of its fullness.

Every Christian, from every denomination, in every tongue, has this 
obligation: be grafted into the True vine.  Our loyalty to Jesus
 should never be superseded by our loyalty to one of his ministers.  
Our willingness to believe the Word must never be usurped by exalting 
another man’s interpretation of the Word.

We must each examine
 ourselves.  Do we identify more with a denomination than with Christ?
 Do we desire to know the Word above all? While we are urged to follow
 others as they follow Christ, we are never meant to be a branch of
 others as they are branches of Christ.


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  1. toasty redhead says :

    Thank you for a great post.

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