Revival – 4 of 4 – Faith not Sight

I realize that I have addressed several complex issues within the overall Christian movement with my previous post on Revival. Some of these items have been traditions Christians have clung to for many years without valid questioning. So, readers might have some confusing thoughts and feelings about what I wrote. I thought I would go into a little more depth and hopefully readers will grasp the truths being set forth. I will address each one in a separate post.

Walking by Faith not by Sight:
The only aspect of the new creation that was not fully transformed at the time of salvation is the carnal Mind(Romans 8:7). We all know what Adam lost at the fall, but what did He gain? The only thing Adam gained after the fall was the ability in his mind to know what constituted evil and to be able to consciously choose it(Genesis 3:22). He gained a carnal mind. The lingering habits and thoughts of our carnal mind is retained by us after salvation. The carnal mind of the flesh is sensing and reasoning through situations without applying the truth of the Spirit of God(Romans 8:6) in faith and standing firm until those situations produce the fruit of the Spirit and line up with the outcome the word indicates is possible.

If our experience is contrary to the word of God, the only explanation is that WE do not know how to appropriately operate in the “Life – Zoe”, authority, and ability of the Spirit living inside of us to practically impact the situation, causing it to obey the truth of God.

The Abide Project was started for this exact reason. We teach people how to do this, how to walk in and experience being “more than conquerors”(Romans 8:37), “overcoming the world”(John 16:33; 1 John 5:4-5), and not being subject to or in bondage to the beggarly elements of the world anymore(Galatians 4:9).

We are supposed to be renewed in the spirit of our mind(Ephesians 4:23). We are commanded to finish our transformation by renewing our minds(Romans 12:2). We renew our minds to the truth of the Word of God so that what we think, say, and do is in accordance with the mind of the Spirit(Romans 8:6). The subject matter of the mind of the Spirit is the word. Do the word, and we act on behalf of the Spirit and Jesus works through us as we step out in Faith. The answer is NOT to seek more of God or to try to get more IN His presence. We cannot get a partial piece of the Holy Spirit anyway, we get Him all. We just need to learn how to let the Holy Spirit move through us(experience Him).

The Abide Project teaches you how to do this. You do this by confessing and professing the truth of the word regarding His relationship to you(Colossians 2:9-10; 1 John 2:20,27), until your mind naturally accepts it as reality instead of accepting what your senses might be experiencing in the current circumstances of life. This is how you walk by Faith and not by sight. God calls forth the things that are not yet as though they were(Romans 4:17). IF we are supposed to think and act like God and be of the mind of the Spirit, then we too should be calling forth the unseen as though it has become seen. After all, that is the essence of faith(Hebrews 11:1). Faith is perceiving as real fact that which is not revealed to the senses. Faith, the ability to look at the unseen thing and believe it has been manifested no matter what the circumstances mirror back to us, comes by hearing the word(Romans 10:17). Repeatedly hearing the reality of the word exalted over the present circumstances is how Faith is built and how the unseen thing manifests into existence.

Now you have a pattern for how you experience all the other things God has provided to you. Do you need more faith? (Romans 12:3) says you have received THE measure, so confess and profess that until your mind believes it naturally. Do you need more freedom from sin? (John 8:36) says you are free indeed, so confess and profess that to your mind and heart until you believe it naturally. Do you need more blessing of a certain kind? (Ephesians 1:3) says we have already been blessed with ALL spiritual blessings, so confess and profess that you have the blessing you need in Jesus name and thank Him for it until the unseen is manifested and your mind accepts it as reality. Faith produces an outcome. Your Faith is the substance of the unseen thing.

See, this is also where I lose most Christians because they think I am advocating Name it and Claim it Christianity and are so afraid that they are going to get over into some false belief that they become paralyzed by fear and can’t explore the truth of it to prove out the good and acceptable will of God in it. That process is called working out your salvation in fear and trembling(Philippians 2:12). There is freedom to do so, if it produces fruit adopt the truth. If it does not produce fruit of the Spirit, cast it aside and don’t follow it anymore, you won’t be thrown in hell because you tested it. I and many others have worked it out and have proven that faith works in this way with fruit of the Spirit as proof. This is not name it and claim it, I want a million dollars or a big gold apostle watch stuff. That movement took the valid principles of faith and went off into asking amiss so that they could consume that which was received upon their own lusts(James 4:3). That is not what I am saying.

It is impossible to please God without Faith(Hebrews 11:6). Faith works. Whatsoever we pray, if we really believe, we will receive it(Matthew 21:22). The opposite must also be true, whatever you pray, if you really don’t believe, you won’t receive. What we pray must align with not asking for something selfishly that we want to consume on our own lusts. IF we want that work of faith to be pleasing to God, we must not ask amiss of His will. This is why it is so important to know His will and have the mind of the Spirit. None the less, the principle of Faith/belief is true. Faith is believing the unseen thing is present. It works, and quantum physics has proven it to be true. The more shocking thing is that God was gracious and merciful enough to even answer the name it and claim it people by sometimes giving them what they named and claimed. Believing and praying(Faith) works, but it must be exercised from the mind of the Spirit and not the mind of carnally minded flesh to be pleasing to God. God is not pleased with those who have used His principles for the satisfaction of their flesh. But that does not mean those principles don’t work.

We must walk by faith and not by sight(2 Corinthians 5:7). Walking by faith means we do not accept the present visible reality reflected to us. We accept the reality the word mirrors back to us(James 1:23-25), and as long as we don’t forget what reality looks like according to the word, we will be blessed in whatever deed we face. Like Abraham did when he was too old to produce children, we consider not our bodies, or the present “reality” of the deadness of Sarah’s womb. We stagger not at the promises of God. We stand strong in faith, give glory to God, and become fully persuaded that the truth of the word will be performed(Romans 4:19-21). It is not about what we can know or perceive in our own ingenuity, what matters is that we come into agreement with the truth of the Word with utmost conviction and persuasion. That state comes about through the renewing of the mind.

The truth in the word is a more sure word of prophecy(2 Peter 1:19). The Word is prophecy, it tells what should be. It is more sure than what we perceive to be with our natural senses. The Abide Project is designed specifically to teach people how to disregard the reality of this present world and manifest the reality of the word.


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