During my time in the Iraq I came across some pretty amazing men of God.  We met regularly for prayer, bible study, fellowship, encouragement, and uplifting.  More and more men joined us, some of which were relatively new to our faith.  Their hearts were hungry and I saw a need for immediate discipleship.  War zones don’t afford  Christians the luxury of a lax faith, and there, in the desert, what you believe is a matter of life and death.

At the same time, Soldiers in my unit began to open up to me about their faith.  They were emboldened by my unobtrusive yet obvious Christian lifestyle.  Many of these Soldiers had become disenfranchised by other Christians, and bitterness had set in. Again, I saw the need for pointed discipleship.  Everywhere I looked I saw hurting Soldiers, and my heart broke. Christ was their answer.

From this need was born a desire to impart all that I had learned to these men of God. I began to send out a daily devotion to any Soldier or civilian who desired it.  Initially I was unsure of how to reach such a broad spectrum of believers, but as I sat at my computer, the Holy Spirit led me to John 14-17.  Jesus’ last words to his disciples.  His main focus became mine; abiding in Christ, and discovering your identity in Christ.  I knew that if a Christian could grasp these two principles, he would be successful in every endeavor and his soul would prosper.

The Abide Project Devotions are derived from those given to Soldiers during a time of war.  Minimal editing has been done so that we could preserve the initial message.  These devotions are now a foundational element for the 90 day Abide Project.


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